About Me

The author of this weblog lives in Kirklees, West Yorkshire, England. Kirklees is a very diverse place, both rural and urban and with many communities.

Our awareness of our community heritage is important. For example, many families in Kirklees come from Grenada in the Caribbean. To illustrate community heritage the author posts here about his own community heritage –  from Hudson and Howard Taylor.

From childhood I have always been aware of the great range of signs of diversity among communities because I am descended from James Hudson Taylor and his son Frederick Howard Taylor, medical missionaries in 19th century China. Both of them fought courageously against racism and the drug trade. Their work is carried forward today by OMF International – an organization worthy of your support. Their work has extended today to all East Asia. Their beautiful and very informative website is called China’s Millions.

The main focus of this blog is on Kirklees communities – but there are occasional cultural trips to East Asia!


One Response to About Me

  1. Polly Vinken says:

    I am writing to you one behalf of Valley Gang Films production team based in Manchester.
    We are currently undergoing a ground breaking 12 part drama series exploring the migration line from Kashmir to the UK. With funding from the Home Office and support from the BBC we are on schedule to begin filming in Febuary.
    A side project, to which I am currently researching, is an exciting documentary that aims to discover both the positive and negative lived experiences and lives of Kashmiri people living in the UK. The Home Office is very interested in this project as we hope to build up a bank of knowledge that will inform policies and needs of the often overlooked Kashmiri community.
    This is where you come in. We would love any ideas, thoughts, contacts that you think would be useful in for this project.
    My email is polly.vinken@valleygangfilms.com.
    Looking foward to hearing from you.

    Polly Vinken

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