Mirpur, Azad Kashmir – میر پور – interesting photos

May 29, 2010

There’s an interesting set of photos of Mirpur on the Kashmir Heritage website. Just click on the link and then scroll down.

Thanks to Abid Hussain for information about the fine Azad Jammu & Kashmir photo website of  Gharib Hanif. Just click on the link and then click on the photo library that interests you.



Mirpur, Azad Kashmir – میر پور

May 29, 2010
Mirpur Bazaar

The Azad Mega Mart referred to in the BBC article

One of the largest communities in Kirklees, West Yorkshire comes from Mirpur in Pakistan-administered Kashmir – Azad Kashmir.

A RECENT BBC ARTICLE explains the logic behind the “Little Britain” term sometimes used in Pakistan to refer to Mirpur.

When thousands of residents lost their livelihoods as farmers in the 1960s -when the huge Mangla dam was built in the area – there was a large migration of Mirpuris to the United Kingdom. This built on a smaller, earlier migration.

As a result about 70% of the Pakistani migration living in Britain today originates from this one district of Kashmir. Around half a million Mirpuri people live in the UK, compared to about 370,000 in Mirpur City.

Mangla Dam - Mirpur

Mangla Dam - Mirpur