The Last Post

May 31, 2010
The Last Post

The playing of the Last Post at sunset

This is the last post for this blog. In February I planned to end it on the last day of May and I have kept my promise to myself.

Writing this Signs of Communities blog has been a personal learning experience.  Learning to use WordPress as a CMS – a Content Management System. So much easier, quicker and cheaper than full web design.

I’ve also learned about communities in Kirklees, England. Learned much more than I had the time to post about on the blog. And learned about my honourable family history with its powerful Asian connections – learned very much more than I could post about.

Thank you for your interest in visiting Signs of Communities and reading my posts.

In the words of a great TV star – “Goodnight, thank you, and may your God go with you.”

Dave Allen

Dave Allen 1936-2005


Reading this will help you make a good Wordpress blog

May 25, 2010
Wordpress 24-Hour Trainer

Click to see inside the book at

George Plumley’s WordPress 24-Hour Trainer is a great book which comes with an equally good training DVD. Not cheap, but worth every penny.

I bet it will take you a lot longer than 24 hours to work your way through it!

Today’s Social Media Surgery

May 24, 2010
Social Media Surgery in Huddersfield

Social Media Surgery in Huddersfield

This is a photo of today’s Social Media Surgery at the Media Centre, Huddersfield. Many thanks to Steve for his help with the PHP code. I’m now convinced the letters stand for Pretty Hard Programming! In gratitude I’ve offered to be a ‘Social Media Surgeon’ for future surgeries.

Social Media Surgery – tomorrow

May 23, 2010

Thinking of getting into social media? For example, learning about blogging – like this Signs of Communities blog – or finding out about Facebook, Twitter and many other media?

WordPress is  a great program for blogging so you could visit the WordPress website to learn more and maybe download the free program that also comes with free WordPress hosting.

You can get free advice about social media if you come to Cafe Ollo in The Media Centre at Northumberland Street, Huddersfield tomorrow 24th May. There is a free Social Media Surgery at 4.30pm to 7pm run by dedicated expert volunteers.

New Asian Voice – read and consider advertising

April 8, 2010
New Asian Voice magazine

Click to read latest edition

New Asian Voice is a new full colour monthly for North Kirklees with a community focus. It’s available locally in print and also as a downloadable e-zine from the website

New Asian Voice and this blog do have a lot in common. In the March ’10 issue on page 3 you will read Empowering Community Voices. A photo article on the Empowering Voices Online (EVO) blogging workshop held at Ravensthorpe Community Centre at which your author was introduced to blogging. Where is he on the panoramic photo of participants? Behind the camera!

On page 5 The Sky is Not the Limit covers the Festival of Flight featured in Signs of Communities posts on February 24th and April 3rd. Their focus is on the Festival of Flight exhibition and event held at Earlsheaton Technology College.

New Asian Voice is a great local venture which deserves your support in these early months of its existence. The best way to support them is to take out a paid advert. To see what they can offer I suggest you could give them a call on 01924 422214 or download the media pack PDF file from their website.

Social media training for communities

February 24, 2010
A consultation session at the social media surgery

An earnest consultation at the Huddersfield Social Media Surgery

If you want to get your community group online there is free social media training for you at the Media Centre, Northumberland Street, Huddersfield. Learn about blogging, text messaging, Facebook, Twitter and other free websites on Monday 24th May at 4.30-7pm. Just drop in for advice, there is no need to book.

The fine people who run it are all volunteers called Huddersfield Social Media and you can visit their interesting WordPress blog filled with useful links at:

Welcome to Signs of Communities!

February 6, 2010

Signs of Communities is a web log of the work of the author and other people who work on behalf of the communities in Kirklees, West Yorkshire, England. Work to celebrate and increase the cohesion of our rich variety of communities.

This blog also makes occasional virtual trips to South-east Asia – for reasons of personal community heritage which are outlined in About Me.